7” Not Today COVID Hand-Embroidered hoop

7 inch-"Not Today COVID" Hand-Embroidered art in wooden hoop wall decor

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Brighten your space with a dash of optimism and style with our "Not Today COVID" Hand-Embroidered Artwork. Carefully crafted, this distinctive piece features bold yellow block letters adorned with dual drop shadows – first in soothing blue and then in vibrant pink. Set within a 7-inch wooden hoop, this hand-embroidered creation is a unique blend of resilience and artistry.

The dynamic play of colors, with blue and pink drop shadows, adds depth and character to the design. The meticulous hand embroidery ensures that each stitch tells a story, making this artwork a conversation piece for any room.

Embrace the handmade charm and intricate detailing of this piece, perfect for uplifting your home or office decor. Gift it to a loved one or treat yourself to a daily dose of positivity – because, with "Not Today COVID," every glance is a reminder that we can face challenges with strength and a touch of humor. Order now and infuse your space with the artful spirit of resilience!